Dear friends in Christ,

Welcome to the webpage of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Sidney Ohio. 

Redeemer Lutheran Church is a member congregation of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. Our focus and goal is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a world lost in sin. As we gather regularly we receive the gift that God freely gives through His Son Jesus Christ. All that he has promised us is the forgiveness of sins, eternal salvation and strength to live a new life through faith. In this family we support one  another in our faith. 

As Lutheran Christians:

  • We seek to remain mindful of the fact that it is by grace alone that we are brought into the family.
  • It is by faith alone that we receive salvation.
  • It is through Scripture alone that we know God’s truth of Law and Gospel.
  • And it is in Christ alone that we live our faith.

Our worship is wrapped up in the reception of God’s gifts given to us through the sacraments. It is our confession that the Bible is the true inerrant Word of God in its totality. The full acceptance of what God says through His word is paramount to understanding God’s saving work through Jesus Christ and his purpose for our lives today. 

In Christ. 

Clayton Vail, Vacancy Pastor