Church History

The History of Our Church
Redeemer Lutheran Church of Sidney, Ohio

1961 – November 5th, the first recorded meeting of Redeemer Lutheran Church was held at Amos Memorial Library in Sidney, Ohio.

Amos Memorial Public Library


1965 Land was purchased at the corner of highway 25A and Mason Road and a new sanctuary was built on our current site at 300 West Mason Road, Sidney, Ohio.


1994 A new fellowship hall, offices and bathrooms, along with a new roof and steeple were added.

2002 The new social hall and kitchen were added.

Redeemer Lutheran Church in 2014


Redeemer Lutheran Church of Sidney, Ohio may have changed physically over the years, but the message, directed from the Word of God, has been the same, never wavering. All who, by God’s grace, believe are saved with the promise of everlasting life. Until that blessed day comes when our Lord returns, we here at Redeemer, both past and present, enjoy fellowship with each other.

Previous Pastors and years of service for each:

Paul Scheidt                                July 1961                to      January 1966

Raymond Main                          July 1966                to      October 1969

John Marshhausen                   August 1970           to      October 1972

Rudolf J. Kampia                      December 1973      to      January 1980

Theodore L. Scheidt                  January 1980        to      July 1980

John McBride                             September 1980   to     June 1984

Lloyd Nicol (Interim)                1984

Duane Voorman                          June 1986          to      April 1988

Lloyd Nicol (Interim)                 May 1988             to      June 1991

Von Eric Berlin                            January 1992      to      August 1996

Ervin Dobberstein (Interim)    August 1996        to      June 1997

Kenneth Castor (Vicar)              June 1997            to      June 1998

Kenneth Castor (Installed)       June 1998            to      July 2017

David Weirauch                           July 2017            to      July 2020